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Red Lipstick- Is it for everyone?

Why should you wear red lipstick?

Wearing red lipstick will make you feel sexier and more confidential. It has been said that red lipstick isn't for everyone I disagree. You just have to know what shade to wear to fit your skin tones.

To discover what shades would be best for you follow the tips below.

What colors have you been told that look best on you?

If you look best in bluesy-reds, greens or blues then your skin tones are best described in the cool undertone categories.

The red or blue undertone red lipstick would look best on you.

If you look better in oranges, reds, or yellows your skin tones are most likely in the warm tones categories.

The orange-reds undertone red lipstick would look best on you.

There are also people that are in the neutral category and all colors would look good on them.

You ladies are the lucky one and will rock most any reds you put on.

There are also glossy reds or subtle reds which come in several options as lipgloss, or lipstick these are my faves but are bold and everyone may not be able to rock these colors.

All of these colors may not work best for everyone so go to your local makeup store and ask for help trying these colors out.

Kisses, Tasha

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