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Crunch Time: Get in Shape for Summer

It's all about easy meals and high-intensity workouts for Jessie James Decker.

(StatePoint) There’s nothing more humbling than putting on a bathing suit. If you’ve been living life to the fullest, there’s no hiding the evidence. On the other hand, if you’ve been exercising and watching your diet, there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing a slimmer, toner you in the mirror. So how do you get to that happy place, and in time for summer? You start today.

When it comes to getting the proper nutrition, counting calories and reading food labels can be daunting tasks. However, certain diet plans eliminate the guesswork for you, making it easier to stick to the program and see results. For example, The South Beach Diet is a convenient, simple, easy-to-follow program that focuses on a high-protein, low-carb, low-sugar approach.

“It’s all laid out for you. There’s not a lot you have to think about,” says Jessie James Decker, brand ambassador for the South Beach Diet.

Remember, feeling deprived isn’t going to be sustainable. So be sure you stay satiated throughout the day.

“Eating five or six times a day is a great way to keep energy levels up, prevent hunger and discourage overeating during the main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner,” says Courtney McCormick, manager of Clinical Research & Nutrition for South Beach Diet. “By taking a stash of healthy snacks with you to work like nuts or veggies, you’re fighting off hunger and also getting beneficial nutrients into your diet.”

For those looking for an on-trend way to see quick results, The South Beach Diet also offers a keto-friendly program, which is designed to be a low-carb, high-fat dietary pattern consistent with a keto diet.

In addition to focusing on nutrition, exercise plays a fundamental role when it comes to getting in shape for the summer. From taking a fitness class such as spin or boxing to going on a run, there are countless ways to get moving and burn calories, and they don’t have to take all day.

“High intensity workouts are my go-to,” says Decker. “You knock it out, you do it fast. Get in and get out is my motto. I don’t have time to be in the gym for two hours. But I do have to feel really good, and get my heart rate up. That’s the key for me.”

In addition to dedicated exercise time, focus on other ways to be active throughout the day, such as taking a walk on your lunch break. Not only can a 15-minute walk during your lunch hour give you energy to power through the afternoon, but walking can also increase your focus and overall mood, according to a 2017 study published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. There’s also evidence that the effects of an afternoon walk may last into evening, giving you focus to make dinner, help children with homework and perform other tasks that require energy and concentration.

Summer is just ahead. Use this crunch time now as motivation for establishing healthy eating and exercise habits.

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